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          Origin and development of packaging

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          Packaging is an ancient and modern topic, but also people from beginning to end in the study and exploration of the subject. From the primitive society of ancient times, the agricultural era, to the modern society which is very developed in the science and technology, the packaging has gradually developed with the evolution of human being, the appearance of the commodity, the development of production and the progress of science and technology. On the whole, the packaging has experienced three stages of the development of the original packaging, the traditional packaging and the modern packaging.
               One, the history of the packaging of the original packaging can be traced back to ancient times. As early as ten thousand years ago, the original society, with the increase of production technology, production has been developed, with the remaining items to be stored and exchanged, so that the original packaging. Initially, people kudzu strapping prey, with plant leaves, shells, skins and other package items. This is original packaging development of the embryo. Along with the improvement of labor skills, people with plant fiber and other production of the most original basket, basket, with the use of stone, clay, clay pot, mud bowl and mud, and so on, used to hold food, drink and other items, so that the packaging of convenient transportation, storage and preservation of functions to be improved. This is ancient packaging, that is, the original packaging.
               5000, the traditional packaging in about two BC, human beings began to enter the bronze age. 4000 years ago, Chinese Xia, Chinese can smelting bronze, bronze smelting technology of the further development of the Shang and Zhou dynasties. The spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period, people mastered the iron steelmaking technology and paints and painting technology, the iron container, painted wooden container appeared in large numbers. In ancient Egypt, in 3000 BC, it began to blow the glass container. Therefore, the use of ceramic, glass, wood, metal processing of various packaging containers for thousands of years of history, many of which technology through continuous improvement and development, has been used to.
               As early as the Han Dynasty, Cai Lun invented the paper in 105 bc. 61 BC, the Chinese paper-making by Korea spread to Japan; introduced to Europe in the 13th century, Germany first built a large paper mill. The middle of the Eleventh Century, Chinese Bi Sheng invented movable type printing. In fifteenth Century, Europe began to appear in letterpress printing, packaging printing and packaging industry began to develop. Sixteenth Century the European ceramic industry began to develop; the United States built a glass factory, began producing all kinds of glass containers. So far, the packaging industry, such as ceramics, glass, wood, metal, etc., began to develop, and modern packaging began to be over to the modern packaging industry.
               Three, modern packaging since sixteenth Century, due to the rapid development of industrial production, especially in nineteenth Century, the European industrial revolution, which greatly promoted the development of the packaging industry, which is the basis for the emergence and establishment of modern packaging technology and packaging technology.
               At the end of the century, French scientists invented the sterilization packaging storage of food, lead to at the beginning of the 19th century the glass canned food and tinplate cans of food and make food packaging has been rapid development. In the 19th century, the packaging industry began to develop in an all-round way, 1800 mechanism box, 1814 British first long net paper machine, 1818 metal tin cans appeared. In 1856, the invention of the corrugated paper, 1860 Europe made bag making machine, 1868 the United States invented the first synthetic plastic bags, celluloid, 1890 the Railway Freight Transport Committee began to admit corrugated carton officially as transport packaging container. Into twentieth Century, the development of science and technology, new materials, new technologies continue to appear, polyethylene, paper, glass, aluminum foil, plastic, composite materials and other packaging materials are widely used, aseptic packaging, anti shock packaging, packaging, insurance packaging, packaging, packaging, packaging and other technologies are becoming increasingly mature, from many aspects to strengthen the function of packaging.
               In the late twentieth Century, the development of international trade has been developing rapidly, and packaging has been attached great importance to all countries in the world. About 90% of the goods need to be packaged in different degrees and different types, which has become an indispensable part in the production and circulation of commodities. At present, the electronic technology, laser technology, microwave technology is widely used in the packaging industry, packaging design and implementation of computer aided design (CAD), packaging and production of machinery and automation.
               Packaging industry and technology development, and promote the formation of packaging science research and packaging. The packaging discipline contains many aspects, such as physics, chemistry, biology, humanities and art. It is a comprehensive science in the cross disciplinary group. It absorbs and integrates the new theory, new materials, new technology and new technology. Comparison of various packaging discipline classification is the classification for packaging materials, transport packaging, packaging technology, packaging design, packaging, packaging decoration, packaging testing, packaging mechanics equal subjects. At present, China has more than 40 colleges and universities set up a packaging engineering professional, packaging personnel growing.

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